Rich Freeman II the God-fearing, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, brother-n-law, friend, kidney disease survivor, avid Dallas Cowboy fan, and business partner. December 29th, 1980 Born and raised in Dallas, Texas the baby of three siblings, Rich Freeman II came from a diverse family background, to say the least. With his parents splitting up at the age of two he was forced to grow up fast and in a broken home. His father, a traveling musician with musician "bad habits" chose to spend very little time with Rich eventually becoming absent from his upbringing. His mother dealing with her own afflictions did the best she could to take care of him and working a full-time job as a single mother. He was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of six resulting in five major surgeries. At 15 growing up in South Dallas, East Dallas with most of his family from West Dallas (Arcadia Park) Rich chose to run the streets and make bad decisions. At this time his kidney disease became an issue resulting in him needing dialysis 3 days a week to stay alive. Doing treatment his path lead him to Springtown, Texas. This is where he met his wife. A couple years later they had their daughter and moved to Fort Worth, Texas. Rich found work in the car business with his older brother where he maintained the everyday hustle and bustle trying to build a family. Working in the car business is where he had the opportunity to go to a recording studio for the first time and lay a verse down. Liking music his whole life and now trying to do it he found a new purpose for his spare time and wanted to do something positive with it. A few years later in 2003 after a small investment from his older brother he bought a few production sequencers to make beats and a mic to start recording vocals on his own. Working and learning new things in local studios he decided to really learn how to do music and do it the right way. A  couple of years after understudying and taking on an internship at a local studio in his spare time, he managed to earn a degree in music engineering and production. First, he started out producing instrumentals for local clients, then slowly progressed into engineering full recording studio sessions himself. Multiple albums, records, and credits later he now owns and operates Changed Man Studios and in-house production company Hollywood Mentals out of his own studio. Falling back on his business experience that he learned from his older brother and the car business he also has his hands on a couple business endeavors outside of music. Rich is looking forward to getting his daughter off and through college, maintaining a happy marriage, and yes continue making music.
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